Anne Hathaway just couldn't contain her excitement when Mariah Carey showed up to the premiere of her new film, The Intern

While Robert De Niro is busy storming out of interviews on the press trail for The Intern, Anne Hathaway is having a rather more enjoyable time. So overjoyed was she that Mariah Carey turned up at the premiere, she was caught on camera letting her inner fangirl go wild.

The Intern has Robert De Niro playing an OAP who – you’ve guessed it – interns at a fashion website run by Anne Hathaway, where many humorous moments ensue. The film seemed to be the last thing on Anne’s mind at the premiere, though – she just couldn’t get over the fact that pop diva Mariah was within touching distance.

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The Daily Mail reports that Anne was in quite the tizzy: ‘She’s at my f*****g premiere!’ she said. Well, I mean it’s Bob’s [Robert De Niro’s] movie premiere more than mine… Oh my god!’

Being in the same room as someone you’re a big fan of is a good opportunity to approach them for a chat, but Anne couldn’t bring herself to go near her idol.

‘No! I’m freaking out!’ she said, when asked if she was going to talk to her. ‘She’s like she’s two arm-lengths away right now.’

Anyone would think Anne had forgotten that she herself is a celebrity! She also revealed that, in true Mariah diva style, the singer was having her hair brushed by her aides on the red carpet.

We’re still waiting on Robert De Niro’s reaction to Mariah’s appearance…