This snap has certainly sparked a reaction...


Katie Price might have a lot going on in her personal life right now but she’s still able to enjoy a treat with the kids.

The glamour model shared a cute photo of three of her children – Harvey, 16, Jett, 4, and Bunny, 3 – tucking into a fish and chips meal on Wednesday night as they relaxed at home.


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‘Fish and chips tonight dinner with my babies ❤,’ Katie, 40, captioned the snap.

Fish and chips tonight dinner with my babies ❤️

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The picture shows a topless Harvey busy with his food whilst Jett and Bunny – who Katie shares with estranged husband Kieran Hayler – both pull faces for the camera.

Whilst the snap seems pretty straightforward, it soon got Pricey’s eagle-eyed followers talking as many were keen to ask about certain things they’d spotted…

‘why hasn’t Harvey got a top on,’ one commented, whilst another enquired: ‘Why does no one have cutlery ….??’

Referring to Katie’s other children Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, one Instagram user asked: ‘Where are the other 2’

And one said ‘What’s happened to Harvey’s healthy eating?’ following Katie’s recent revelation that her personal trainer boyfriend Kris Boyson would be helping the teenager to lose weight.

That’s a lotta questions, right? Fortunately plenty of Katie Price fans were on hand to defend her against the multiple enquires.

‘Ffs may be Harvey doesn’t like to wear a top ! May be the kids are enjoying their fish and chips without a fork so what ! Katie is a mum and doing a good job !’ one argued, whilst another follower posted: ‘Parenting police out in force… boring!!’

A fellow fan added: ‘Why should it matter to anyone where Princess and Junior are, why Harvey isn’t wearing a top, why they are not using cutlery to eat their food, where they got the fish and chips?? Wow some sad ppl asking ridiculous questions. Ppl need to get out more.’

‘Great to see a happy, normal family having a nice take away treat night!’ another remarked.

It comes amid reports earlier this week that Princess and Junior’s dad Peter Andre has ‘banned’ Katie from seeing them due to concerns about her partying lifestyle since her split from Kieran.

‘Pete and Katie’s relationship has hit an all-time low,’ a source told The Sun. ‘He’s refusing to let her see the kids because he thinks her lifestyle is so out of control – she’s going out all the time, and drinking loads.

‘Pete has given her a clear message, “If you want to see your children again, sort yourself out”.’

It’s claimed that the former couple are now only speaking through lawyers.

Meanwhile Katie has been showing off a new tattoo of a bow on her hip, which she’s reportedly had done to represent being ‘tied together’ with her children forever due to their bond.