She's come under fire...

Fans of Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry have slammed her for promoting an ab toner, claiming that it is ‘lazy’ and ‘misleading’.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9960455ge)<br /> Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry<br /> 25th MTV Europe Music Awards, Arrivals, Bilbao, Spain - 04 Nov 2018

The 23-year-old reality TV star has never hidden the fact that she has splashed out on a number of cosmetic procedures, confessing that she’s spent more than £50,000 on surgery over recent years.


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A boob job, Brazilian butt lift and surgery on her nose are some of the procedures she has spent her money on.

But while fans are usually supportive of Chloe‘s Instagram posts, her ad promoting a Premfit ab toner has got everyone fuming, with fans claiming she is ‘cheating’ her way to a summer body.

Chloe ferry Instagram

The star shared the image of her wearing the ab toner whilst wearing a blue bikini, and captioned the picture, ‘After filing and a lazy few weeks, I’m back at the gym full time and I’ve started my @premfit journey again. It’s so good to help between workouts!

‘It stimulates and tones your abs and you can choose your setting dependant on what results you want! Summer body ready!’

But fans weren’t happy, with one replying, ‘Completely lazy. Work hard in the gym and stop cheating.’

While another added, ‘All photos are photoshopped and completely false.’

A third hit back, ‘Stop misleading our following! Is it really worth a quick few ££ to put this on Instagram when you’re causing lots of young girls to believe in this and build a damaging relationship with food and their image! Take some responsibility!’

But not all fans were against Chloe, some hit back at the haters, telling her that she looked amazing… ‘You’re so beautiful Chloe, don’t mind what other people say.’

While another follower added, ‘Girl don’t let these haters get you down, you are stunning in your own way and that’s all that matters.’

One thing is for sure, posing in her bikini has definitely given her another chance to show off her envy-inducing tan that she got on a recent luxury Caribbean trip with her boyfriend Sam Gowland.