As Wayne Rooney 
is caught out again, Coleen is urged to rethink her future...

After the recent column inches Wayne Rooney has notched up, coupled with his chequered past, you would think he’d be on his best behaviour. Not so.

Last week it was revealed Wayne, 33, had a 10-hour booze binge with barmaid Vicki Rosiek in Florida – while wife Coleen Rooney, 32, cared for their four sons over 900 miles away.
Now Coleen has been urged to leave footballer Wayne, with fans telling her he won’t change.

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One wrote on social media, ‘Really, how many more times?’ Another asked, ‘When is this beautiful woman going to ditch this disrespectful idiot? Coleen you’re a million of him. Stay strong!’

It’s thought Vicki, 32, and Wayne met at her place of work days before she invited him to join her on a boozy night out. She’s thought to have given Wayne a lift to the venue, where they downed shots until 2.30am.
Wayne being caught in a car with a woman was a shock for Coleen, after his arrest in 2017 for being three times over the drink-driving limit in Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle.
Since moving to the States, things have been fraught for the couple. Recently, Wayne was arrested at Dulles airport for intoxication and public swearing.

And of course, there’s no forgetting Wayne’s infamous threesome with prostitutes Helen Wood and Jenny Thompson, while Coleen was pregnant 
with their eldest son Kai.
In November 2017, Coleen broke her silence about her marriage in a post on Facebook. ‘A few people are probably thinking I am stupid for staying in my marriage,’ she wrote. 
‘I am not stupid, I know my own mind and it’s something 
I want to try and work on.’
We all have a breaking point. Could this be Coleen’s?