Just what’s been going on with Vicky Pattison’s Instagram page?

Vicky Pattison is never afraid to say what she thinks but she appeared to have taken it further than ever on Instagram last night.

Fans were shocked to see the 27-year-old star share a series of cheeky posts, which included a HUGE dig at Cheryl and an offer to advertise a, um, toilet product. Hmmm.

Vicky’s first post showed her sitting in a throne and giving a peace symbol at the camera, with the caption reading: ‘Loreal ain’t it time you updated which stunning brunette flogged your hairspray? I’ll undercut Cheryl because I’m worth it. #5Grand #Oragiftbagand200quid’

Er, WOW. The next was a close-up picture of her long locks and contained another jibe at fellow Newcastle lass Chezza.

‘Please respond @lorealparisuk. It’s time for new blood, like when Rachel replaced Carol on Countdown. #Youdontwantthemhavingamenopauseinpublic,’ the snap was captioned.

Just when we had managed to pick our jaw up off the floor following Vicky’s scandalous messages, the former Geordie Shore star went and shocked us even MORE.

The next image focused on Vicky’s midriff and featured the caption: ‘Hi #SheWee! I reckon I could flog a few of your ladypiss contraptions. Never queue for the bogs with daft tarts when you could be on the @GreyGoose’

Yes, that was Vicky apparently offering to advertise Shewee, the female urination device. And it didn’t end there…

‘Idea! Have you invented the “She-Shit” yet? #GeordieEinstein,’ the star had seemingly written alongside a snap of her grimacing on that throne. Weird, huh?!

After THAT post it became pretty clear that something was not quite right with Vicky’s social media account and fans became concerned that she’d been HACKED.

‘WTF?’ one confused follower scribed, whilst another wrote: ‘Has she actually been hacked??’

Fortunately Vicky soon took to Twitter to ease her fans’ concerns and explain exactly what was going on…

Ah, so THAT’S what is was all about! We’re glad to hear that your account is safe, Vic – and we’re DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing the new show!

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