Here's how the stars do it...

While there’s nothing better than a relaxed Christmas break – watching The Holiday three times over and eating Turkey sandwiches – we’re all secretly dying to find out how the rich and famous do it.

So, we had a chinwag with your fave celebs to find out their plans for Crimbo…


Rochelle and Marvin Humes

Who’s cooking Christmas dinner this year?

Marvin: Not me!

Rochelle: Marvin’s dad’s a chef, so I opt out – I just do the tree and make the table look amazing.

Marvin: I just pour the drinks – I’m good at that – and the music. I’m DJ and barman at the same time!


Paddy McGuinness

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

‘It’s only bad because I thought I was getting something else, I wanted a Hi-fi when I was 16 years old and when I undid the wrapper it was a Clairol foot spa so that was a bit of a let down. The best present, I proposed to my wife on Xmas eve and she said yes! Watch and learn.’

Trees up in’t th’otel. 🎅🏼 #Christmas

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Robbie Williams

You proposed to Ayda [Field] on Christmas Day, do you celebrate that?

‘No, but you’ve given me an idea for a nice bit of romance. Can you write that idea down? That would be great to do a commemorative thing.’

Giovanni Pernice

What are you up to for Christmas this year?

‘I’m going home to Italy to see my mum and dad – it’s been two years since I’ve seen them. Eating all day, Italian food! My mum will surprise me all the time. I don’t like surprises – I prefer to know what my present is.’

Alex Beattie

Who gets a lump of coal from you this year?

‘Probably Theo Campell [from Love Island] because he’s an idiot. He’s funny though, he’s a good lad.’

Jessica Shears

What do you want for Christmas?

‘I want something good for Christmas from Dom [Lever, her fiancé] because I got him a Rolex! I’m expecting something big because his last present cost more than my car. I want something for my house – I want a load of neon signs. And I’m like go buy me some nice cutlery babe.’

Pete Wicks

What are you up to for Christmas this year?

‘I don’t know what I’m doing this year. Lockie [James Lock] is going away with Yazmin [Oukhellou] and he’s invited me, but I don’t want to play a third wheel over Christmas, that might be a really bad thing for me to do, so I might just have a chilled Christmas at home with the dog and then New Year I might go away.’

Michel Ball and Alfie Boe

What’s your biggest Christmas disaster?

Michael: I’ve done the whole thing of pulling the Turkey out, dropping it, thought no one’s seen, stuck it all back together, the dog’s licking at it, everything, and I’ve gone ta-daa!

Alfie: I wanted to be really romantic so I lit a fire in the fire pit at home and set out two glasses of champagne, came out and it was snowing, it was beautiful – we lasted about three minutes because it was freezing and went inside so it wasn’t very romantic in the end.