In her most honest interview ever, Fearne talks body shaming and why she 'doesn't give a toss' what anyone thinks!

Most celebs hand their babies over to the hired help when they head back to work, but 34-year-old yummy mummy Fearne Cotton has other plans. ‘I just ferry her around all the filming with me,’ she confesses, five months after giving birth to her second child Honey.


But if you think Fearne’s in any rush to shed the baby weight like other celebrity ‘super-mums’ think again. ‘Having two kids [Honey and Rex, two] I’ve been all shapes and sizes but my body is no one’s business but my own,’ she says convincingly. Alongside her BFF Gok Wan, 41, Fearne – who quit Radio 1 last year after 10 years – is on a mission of empowerment and positivity after landing her brand new ITVBe show Off The Rails…

Hey Fearne! Have you converted your dressing room into a nursery?
Oh yeah! I either have my mum with me or sometimes my husband Jesse [Wood,
39] comes along. I’ve always got people who can help make it work. Obviously I’ve got her godfather Gok on hand, too. People think we’re just joking – but he is actually her godfather!

Aww! Tell us about Off The Rails…
It’s all about fashion and trends and it’ll be one big conversation with celeb guests – not just us going: ‘She looked great; she didn’t…’ It’s a big chat about what’s going on globally from the catwalks to the high street. You don’t need to know your Gucci from your McQueen to watch and enjoy it.

It sounds like a much more positive version of E!’s Fashion Police…
I guess the only common thread is they’re both shows talking about clothes. We’re
not going to be sitting there and judging everybody on a panel. We’ll be honest, as we all like and dislike certain things – and I’m all about free expression with clothing – but you don’t have to be bitchy or moany to say that. We’re all about empowerment with clothing.

Have you ever been scrutinised for your appearance?
All the time! Unfortunately, it’s just part of the job. I’m not personally in favour of gunning people down and saying: ‘They shouldn’t have worn this,’ because obviously they made a conscious decision and felt good in it– so I do feel it could all be a bit less harsh.

Have you always been this strong-minded?
As I’ve grown older I’ve learnt to care less than I previously did. I’ve been in this job long enough to not give a toss now! I’m not following any specific standards of perfection or trying to look like a Kardashian. I just do what I want to do now – so I don’t think people care as much if I look like a messy mum some days. That’s what I very openly am.

Good on you! Have you ever experienced body shaming too?
It’s totally off my radar what people think of my body. It’s just none of their business. Obviously, having had two kids I’ve been all shapes and sizes but I think people just expect you’re going to gradually get fuller over time. Aren’t we all just lucky to have healthy bodies?

It sounds like Off The Rails will be a celebration of women of all sizes…
Yes! It’s about all types of ladies, no matter what your preference or background is. If you prefer being super-glam or you’re a bit of a tomboy, we’ll cover all the bases. I don’t necessarily have one type of style. I love dressing up and dressing down. Some days I’ll be in “supermum”
mode and then some days I’ll be on a red carpet.

As well as styling, a lot of stars are using apps such as FaceTune these days to
edit their features too…
I’m very against that and I think it’s quite sad that people think there’s one look that identifies with what the word beautiful means. This wasn’t around 10 years ago; culturally we’ve been skewed into thinking you have to look like this or that to look perfect. I agree with Gok when he says we shouldn’t be promoting the idea of changing yourself instantly. I think people should just celebrate what they have and who they are without trying to fit into what other people think is beautiful. It’s dangerous. It’s up to them, though – people deal with things in a certain way and if they feel insecure, that’s their decision

Is it safe for younger people to be idolising these people?
I think the younger generation using social media need to be guided brilliantly by their parents not to take notice. We should all celebrate what we look like naturally.

Fearne & Gok: Off The Rails is on ITVBe at 10pm on Thursdays