TV presenter caught the 24 star with his pants down

Fearne Cotton walked in on 24 star Kiefer Sutherland while he was doing a wee and got a cheeky glimpse of his willy.

The TV presenter was backstage at The Concert For Diana and took the opportunity to have a quick toilet break, but she was in for a big (or maybe small) surprise.

‘There was a disabled toilet, so I opened the door,’ she recalls. ‘Standing there on the phone, holding his willy, was Jack Bauer.

Fearne, 26, was mortified by the whole incident, but Kiefer, who plays Jack Bauer in the US series, wasn’t fazed at all.

‘I went bright red and slammed the door. I knew I couldn’t just run off, because I might have to interview him later and I wouldn’t just be able to say, “Nice to meet you, even though I’ve already met you and your willy”,’ Fearne explains.

‘So I apologised. He said, “It’s ok love. Look, you go in and I’ll hold the door for you because the lock doesn’t work.”

‘I was so flustered, though, that I couldn’t wee.’

Suzannah Ramsdale