Has loneliness caused Victoria to take her post-baby slimming to extremes?

With her scrawny arms and protruding shoulder blades, friends are worried Victoria Beckham‘s lost even more weight.

Posh was snapped on a day out with pal Tana Ramsay last week – but onlookers were left shocked by her even tinier frame.

Victoria, who celebrated her 39th birthday last week, has admitted struggling to get used to life back in the UK while husband David Beckham plays football in Paris and pals fear all the stress has caused her weight to plummet.

‘I miss LA,’ she said recently.

‘I love America.’

In fact, Victoria missed LA so much she couldn’t resist flying the children over for an Easter break.

Meanwhile, David admits his move to French club Paris Saint-Germain has been hard on Posh and the children, saying: ‘Obviously the sacrifice that I have to make as a father and as a husband is being away from my family.

‘But they understand it.

‘They know Daddy works hard.’

Although Victoria‘s fully supportive of David‘s decision to live in Paris during the season, the last time they were apart for a long period – during his Real Madrid contract – their relationship was marred by allegations of David‘s affair with his PA Rebecca Loos.

Friends fear all these factors are playing havoc with Posh‘s weight.

At the Olympics VB was looking slim, but healthy.

However, judging by more recent photos, nutritionist Dale Pinnock estimates the 5ft 4in designer now weighs a maximum of 7st and is a tiny size 6, although her reps declined to comment.

The nutritionist also believes she’s shrunk to the size she was during the 2006 World Cup, where her waist was 23in – the same size as the average seven-year-old. 

Nancy Dell’Olio discussed Posh: ‘She looked too thin for my liking at the World Cup [2006]– and I told her so.

‘Perhaps it was the stress- we all went through it.’

Read more about Victoria Beckham in Now magazine dated 29 April 2013 – out now! 


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