What's eating Peter Andre? He's looking super skinny in these recent pictures


Peter Andre has tweeted a shock picture of him looking skinnier than usual and it’s got us worried here at Now HQ.

Peter, 41, posted this picture to his timeline, adding the caption: ‘1st Sept means it’s time to get fit again :))’

Our fave Aussie singer has spoken in the past about how stress can make him lose weight – and he’s certainly got a lot on his plate at the moment.

As well as having eight-month-old baby Amelia with girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, he is also currently preparing for his tour at the end of the month. Added to this Emily has just gone back to university – is he missing her homecooked meals?

The last time we saw Peter looking THIS skinny was in 2009 when his four-year marriage to Katie Price ended and he admitted: ‘I’ve lost so much weight recently because obviously I’ve been so stressed.’

Back then, Pete lost over a stone from the stress of his divorce and said he was trying to eat healthily and exercise to help remain ‘focused’ and ‘stay really strong’ for his children, Junior, nine, and Princess, seven.

‘I hadn’t really noticed how much I’ve shrunk, but it makes sense as I’ve had practically no appetite recently,’ he said, adding: ‘I need a whole new wardrobe now I’ve shrunk.’

Then he got buff and super-hot again and we stopped being concerned!

But this week, we couldn’t help but notice that Pete appears to be losing weight all over again, when he posted this picture on Twitter holding a protein shake.

Even though Pete has always been a fitness addict (let’s take a moment to remember THAT 90s six-pack) has he taken things a bit too far this time? 

Pete has revealed in the past that he struggled to stay fit, even hiring an ex-marine in 2008 to help him train ‘rocky style.’

And in 2012 he did the caveman diet after he said he’d put on a couple of
kilos after he’d ‘over-indulged’ at Christmas and ate lots of steak,
nuts and vegetables.

So what’s eating Pete these days? Is it because he’s so busy and missing Emily? In March, strangely Pete even admitted he was jealous of his fiancée’s physique after fans complimented Emily on her post-baby body.

Pete said: ‘She has such an incredible physique and I’m actually quite jealous of how good she looks because she doesn’t have to work out. She’s not on a diet either! We cook together and she just eats whatever she wants.’

We hope Pete doesn’t take his fitness mission too far. He’ll need plenty of energy when he heads off on tour at the end of the month until the end of October.

Come on Pete, treat yourself to a burger or something, we much prefer the meatier Peter!

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