Black Eyed Peas star would go out on a date with The X Factor judge

Cheryl Cole is so sexy that any woman would turn lesbian for her, according to Fergie.

The Black Eyed Peas star jokes that she’d even want to try her luck with The X Factor judge.

‘[She is] hot enough to turn anyone,’ Fergie, 35, tells The Sun.

‘Some girls you look at and think, “Damn, you shouldn’t look that good.” Cheryl is one of them.

‘She has this quality that turns powerful men into giggly schoolboys. Any guy that ends up with her will be lucky.

‘It might not be a man. I’d take her out on a date and she knows it.’

Fergie – who is married to actor Josh Duhamel – has admitted to having a bisexual past.

Cheryl, 26, is in the process of divorcing husband Ashley, 29.

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