But friends aren’t convinced renewing vows is enough to save their marriage


Panic-ridden Josh Duhamel asked Fergie to renew their wedding vows after he became convinced that she was about 
to dump him.

The scandal-plagued Transformers star made the dramatic gesture 
on the spur of the moment after a series of angry rows.

According to our source, Josh, 37, became increasingly worried that Fergie, 34, might pull the plug on their marriage. The Black Eyed Peas singer 
is still devastated by claims that Josh cheated on her with stripper Nicole Forrester, which he’s strongly denied.

Josh was so concerned about his wife’s state of mind that 
he whisked her off to Santa Barbara, California, to renew their vows in a hush-hush ceremony on 6 January, a year on from their original wedding in Malibu.

A friend tells : ‘Things were getting so bad that Josh was convinced she was going to walk out on 
him at any moment. He 
was desperate to save their marriage, so he got down on one knee and asked if she would renew their vows.

Fergie was touched and immediately agreed. It was like all the anger seeped out of her and she fell in love with him all over again.

‘She said that renewing 
their vows was just what they needed to put the romance back into their relationship and remind them what was important. She thought it 
was a stunning gesture by 
Josh – it reminded her how much she loves him.’

Friends are sceptical as to whether the desperate act of love will help them work things out. They fear it’s just papering over the cracks.

Our insider says: ‘They’ve been having some really nasty arguments and things weren’t looking very good. It seemed like the trust had gone out of their relationship. We’ve all been worried about where the marriage is heading and this has done nothing to ease our fears.’


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