The Black Eyed Peas singer peed her pants

Ex-crystal meth addict Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson still enjoys a drink and says alcohol made her wet herself on stage in front of thousands of fans in San Diego last year.

The 31-year-old singer blames the incident – a little Black Eyed Pee – on ‘being buzzed’ and having no time to use the toilet.

Not very ladylike but then Fergie says: ‘Sometimes I can be tomboyish and sometimes I can be girlie, it depends what mood I’m in’.

Now fit and healthy, she is an American size two and works out every day to keep her figure. There’s no more ecstasy or ‘crystal’.

‘I came clean with everybody and started my life over,’ she tells The Sunday Times Style magazine. ‘I used the trust fund I’d made as a child actor to pay off all my credit-card debts.’

The only ‘drug’ Fergie now craves is brown butter but she resists the temptation. Her meals are delivered to her by a diet company so that she isn’t tempted to gorge on fast food.

When you’re the singer in group that’s had seven Top Ten singles, you can afford that kind of thing….