Outspoken and full of home truths? See what Ferne McCann makes of being compared to Katie Hopkins

When it comes to TOWIE, it’s hard not to take notice of 24-year-old Ferne McCann.

Each week her cutaway comments divide the cast (and viewers), and whether you find her funny or interfering – one thing she’s certain of is that she isn’t nosey.

‘I just feel like I’m brave enough to voice my opinion,’ Ferne exclusively tells Now. ‘A lot of people self-edit themselves and I’m just not one to do that.’

While we can’t argue with the above, another person who states their sometimes-hurtful comments are nothing but the truth is Katie Hopkins.

A comparison feisty Ferne quickly shot down.

‘I think Katie Hopkins is vile and unnecessarily offensive, with me it’s just a cutaway comment. Yeah I understand that it offends people but I’m not saying stuff that’s disgusting like she says. That is morally wrong. I just state home truths. Don’t ever put me in the same box as her.’

After addressing the ‘rude, brash and demanding’ qualities the reality star associated with Gemma Collinss alter ego ‘GC’ on Wednesday’s episode of TOWIE; Ferne also acknowledged her own bad traits.

‘People would probably say I’m intense, irritating and dramatic. Which I agree with,’ laughs Ferne. ‘Everyone has their bad qualities though, don’t they?’

We’d add entertaining to that list as well tbh.

The Only Way Is Essex wouldn’t be the same without Ferne finding herself in the midst of most drama. Never change please.

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