E.L James, the author of the Fifty Shades series, did a Twitter Q&A and got trolled

Ah social media. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. And in 2015, it’s more than just a place to share your cat videos and tag your friends in your photos. It’s now a place for a business to thrive and for creators to communicate with their fans.

And that’s exactly what author E.L James decided to do. Yes. We don’t think author of the internationally best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey series quite thought through what would quite happen when she opened up the floodgates and invited people to ask her questions.

Poor thing probably was probably expecting some deep and profound questions about the multi-dimensional characters – ahem – and aspiring authors asking for tips and tricks. Well, technically, that last part did happen…

Ouch. But also, LOL.

Some users had some questions about the books that left them a bit confused, like Lauren.

As well as @tinyorc who was baffled at ‘How on eath did Ana manage to graduate from university in the 21st century without an email address or a laptop?’ and @thotnica who asked the question on everybody’s lips: ‘at one point, a butthole is referred to as a “chocolate starfish”. why? why did you do that?’

Yes. Why indeed.

Others, like @TrevDon, took a more feminist stance over the Q&A, who asked ‘What do you dislike more, Independent strong woman or the English language?’


There were those who took the Twitter Q&A as their chance to ask the real hard-hitting questions.

But pretty much everyone wondered why on earth E.L James did this and whether she had any idea what she had got herself into when she agreed to this.

The rest of us just sat back and watch this circus unravel though.

Oh well, the Fifty Shades author still seemed to enjoy herself…

And that’s all that matters! Right?

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Amy Lo