Heartthrob Jamie didn’t want to reveal his sex face but have we already seen it in the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? We think so!

There was a lot Jamie Dornan had to agree to signing up for the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey (whips, S&M, crazy worldwide fame). But his biggest worry was revealing his… sex face!

‘It’s the worst thing imaginable,’ Jamie told Variety. ‘For all the reasons anyone would think, most people would like to keep their sex face private. The idea of a million people seeing that! I hope it happens quite fast.’

The countdown is on for the film to hit cinemas – it will be released on February 13 – and millions have already seen the trailer (we’ve had it on refresh obvs).

And we reckon Jamie has already revealed his sex face, or come close to it (no pun intended!). Check out the gallery for pics of faces he pulls, which could be the face…

Jamie (whose ex is Keira Knightley, yes really!) has also spoken out about how lucky he is to have a wife who didn’t feel opposed to him doing the raunchy role – while she was preggers with their 14-month-old daughter Dulcie!

The 32-year-old hunk plays Christian Grey in the erotic film – based on the book by E.L. James – which sees the wealthy entrepreneur take student Anastasia Steel, played by Dakota Johnson, on a voyage of sexual discovery.

And surprisingly wife Amelia didn’t mind! Gushing about his brilliant wife during an interview he admitted that he’s been lucky that she is so understanding.

‘My wife is a brilliant, hugely understanding person. She was an actress for 10 years, so she’s aware of what it’s like,’ he said.

‘A lot of people would have had a sh*t fit at 30-something weeks pregnant hearing, “Darling, we’re going to Vancouver this week for four months – we’re going to have a Canadian baby and I’m going to do a film where, for parts of it, I will be naked.”

‘That’s a tough pitch, but my wife is an incredible person.’

Thank goodness for that Jamie. If we ever meet the wife we’ll thank her personally.

See the trailer of the film below and see if you can spot the sex faces for yourself!

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