The Fifty Shades of Grey star admits to similarities between him and his billionaire businessman alter-ego in the film

With just weeks to go until Fifty Shades of Grey is out in cinemas, excitement is reaching fever-pitch.

However, for Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan, playing the lead character of billionaire Christian Grey in the movie is a bittersweet move.

The part brought up what it means to be a broken person – like he considers himself after losing his mother to pancreatic cancer when he was just 16.

Discussing why he took the role, Jamie said: ‘[It is] an attraction and
understanding I have for people that are broken in some way.

‘Not that I’m some broken bird, but there’s a massive element of me that’s fractured from losing my mother so young, and I’m drawn to characters who are wounded.’

And that’s not the only thing 32-year-old Jamie is thinking about with regards to the release of the film – he is also worried he might get murdered at the premiere because some fans of the original book don’t want him to play the role!

He added in an interview to Details magazine: ‘I almost don’t want to put this out there into the ether, but I fear I’ll get murdered, like John Lennon, by one of those mad fans at the premiere. Because a lot of people are very angry that I’m playing this character.’

However, it’s not all hard work for Jamie, who underwent research to play the role by visiting a sadomasochistic dungeon in the Canadian city of Vancouver, and he admits he was intrigued by the process and he ‘understands’ why someone would be turned on by it.

He added: ‘I didn’t let anyone dominate me. I totally understand why a person would be into it. Something like
trainspotting or planespotting? I actually don’t get that. But I do understand
the psychology of being tied up and getting turned on.’


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