While Helen Flanagan awaits the arrival of her baby, she’s been busy eating spicy food and LOTS of pineapple

We love babies! What with their teeny-tiny fingers and itsy-bitsy feet, and Helen Flanagan cannot wait for the arrival of her little bundle of joy.

The 24-year-old is nine-months pregnant, but it seems like she’s tired of the waiting around now, and just wants the lil’ un’ to be here!

The former Corrie actress has been documenting her pregnancy and sharing it with her 302,000 followers on Instagram. Everything from selfies of the former Corrie actress looking gorgeous with a beaming pregnancy glow, to pics of foods she seems to be craving. Pineapple haul anyone?

As well as curbing her cravings, could Helen be eating specific things to give her baby a little push in the right direction? She’s been eating spicy curries and walking lots, which have both been said to help induce labour.

We’re having flashbacks to that scene in Friends where an overdue Rachel is eating chillies like there’s no tomorrow.

Although at one point, you would be forgiven to think that Helen had already given birth, as she posted a pic of  meal, with the words ‘Congraulations’ written on the plate.
But it seems that we were just getting a bit of herself, as the beautiful mum-to-be captioned the snap: ‘Not had thee baby yet but for when we do x’, complete with a cheeky monkey emoji.

Well, at least they’re well and truly prepared!

Helen is having her first baby with her footballer boyfriend, Scott Sinclair, who she’s been together with since she was 19. Childhood sweethearts!

Although the couple don’t know the sex of the baby yet, Helen told OK! Magazine that she has an inkling.

‘I do talk to my baby like it’s a boy but I’d be over the moon if I had a girl.’

After their little boy or girl is born, could we be seeing them being a potential ring-bearer?

‘We’ll definitely get married at some point. Scott know what type of ring I want – one with a huge rock on it.’

We like your style Helen!

‘Since I’ve been pregnant we’ve been really happy – I think it’s because you share that bond.’

Until the big day though, the yummy mummy is enjoying the rest of her pregnancy, including a super-cute baby shower with a bumble bee theme – ‘What will it bee?’ Cute!

‘I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been while pregnant.’

Aw! We’re so happy for you too!

Amy Lo