TV host now feels like a different person

Fiona Phillips decided to quit GMTV because she was constantly stressed and tired.

The presenter, 48, admits she became irritable because she was getting up at 4am every day.

And her husband Martin Frizell, GMTV’s programme editor, got the brunt of her mood swings.

‘He used to say to me: “God, you’re snapping at everything.” And I’d say: “No, I’m not!”‘ she says.

‘But during our last holiday, I completely wound down.

‘He said: I feel like I’ve got you back.” It makes me feel teary just thinking about it.’

Fiona, who has sons Nathaniel, 9, and Mackenzie, 6, left the show last December.

‘I feel like a different person,’ she says.

Alison Adey