GMTV presenter says former PM has an aura about him

Fiona Phillips has revealed that Tony Blair is a bit of a ladies’ man.

The ex-Prime Minister apparently causes a ruckus whenever he visits the GMTV set.

‘Tony Blair is very sexy… I mean charming,’ she says.

‘When he comes in to the studio even the models getting ready for Lorraine Kelly’s show go into paroxysms of delight and treat him like a pop star. He just has that aura about him.’

Fiona, 47, who is quitting the breakfast show in December, also opens up about her thoughts on MPs David Cameron and Gordon Brown.

‘David Cameron has an aura too but people don’t swoon over him in the same way they do with Blair,’ she tells The Mail on Sunday.

While Gordon Brown she thinks ‘looks very matinee idol-ish, but doesn’t see himself in that way, so isn’t overtly sexy’.

Isobel Smith