We think First Dates Lachlan and Becca are a match made in heaven...


Watching Lachlan on First Dates last month, we were drawn in by his sweet geekiness, amused by his constant stream of Star Wars talk and GUTTED when his date, Rachel, didn’t return his affections, saying that he reminded her of her brother. Groan.

But, in Lachlan’s words, ‘You have got to pick yourself up and keep moving’, and he did just that by signing up for another blind date. This time around, it looks like he was in luck.

It seemed like instant chemistry between the two, as Lachlan complemented his date Becca on her glasses, to which she responded ‘we can be speccy four-eyes together!’ Planning your future already, Becca?

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Not only did his lovely date ask him his favourite question – you know, the usual small talk about how he’d survive in a zombie apocalypse – she also TOTALLY lapped up his detailed answer.

‘The first thing is to head north,’ Lachlan told his blushing date, ‘There are farms. There are going to be guns.’

She even looked interested as he talked zombie-fighting weaposn ‘What you want is at worst a screwdriver and at best a trench spike…a long, thin stabbing implement. Gulp.

While we would probably be a LITTLE concerned by a man so savvy on his stabbing implements, Becca found it all totally charming: ‘His type of geeky is good. He’s passionate. That’s good. Lachlan was also VERY impressed by Becca’s Masters degree, as well as being over the moon she had asked him his ‘chunky tick mark’ question about zombies. Whatever floats your boat!

Amazingly, it all ended brilliantly, with the pair feeding each other strawberries over fondue. ‘I really enjoyed talking with you,’ and Becca saying ‘I’d like to see you again.’ It was later revealed that they are planning their THIRD date. AWW! We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy now…

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter