I'm A Celebrity is getting steamy! Oh Jake Quickenden, what are you doing to us…?!

Be still our beating hearts and fan our loins down with a Jackie Collins novel – I’m A Celebrity‘s Jake Quickenden got naked in the jungle last night and gave us all an eyeful of his amazing bum.

This morning we assumed that it was all a dream, that Our Future Boyfriend Jake hadn’t stripped off, and it was our overactive imaginations.

But no. Oooohhhhh no… and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. We simply can’t bear the idea of our lovely Now readers living in a world where they miss out. That would be too unkind.

Quickers showed off his white bits in true I’m a Celebrity style by having a shower in the waterfall. While we do love the annual waterfall shower moments, they’re usually reserved for the ladies of the camp, rather than the hot men.

So thank you, Jake Quickenden, thank you. *Doffs cap*

The former X Factor finalist got in the buff for us after weeks of teasing. After all, we’ve seen Jake get muddy and smelly enough times. Remember when he had to muddy himself up in order to pretend to his jungle mates that he had been doing a task? The reality was that Jake, Kendra Wilkinson, Jimmy Bullard and Edwina Currie let the rest of the camp believe that they had been doing a task called the Dingo Dollar Challenge, when they’d actually been relaxing in a spa. Alright for some.

We’re not ashamed to admit that having Jake Quickenden get nude in the jungle is a welcome treat, especially after we were left completely short changed by his X Factor stint.

For some reason, one we’ll never even try to comprehend – something about being a serious artist, we dunno – Mel B banned JQ from baring the flesh during his time on the show. It’s like she was punishing us for not buying her solo material.

But let’s not dwell on past pains and hardships. Let’s move on. Enjoy these pictures of Jake and don’t drool on your keyboard peeps.

Lauren Franklin

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