There's more to love about Pete than just his good looks...

Pete Wicks has been a fan favourite since he became a TOWIE regular back in 2015 thanks to his rippling torso and hypnotic eyes.

But with his tumultuous relationship with ex-girlfriend Megan McKenna stealing all his headlines, we wanted to remind you that there is more to Pete than heated arguments and ‘sexting’ scandals.

Here are just five reasons why we LOVE the handsome ‘Essex Pirate’.

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1. His Hair

There is no avoiding Pete’s hair – you just can’t, there’s so much of it! Not that we’re complaining as it gives us serious hair goals. His long, brown, wavy locks must be a hairdresser’s dream – and no doubt the envy of many men and women who wish for such mermaid-quality locks.

But we may not have long left to lust over his barnet as Pete has threatened to shave it all off because he’s ‘starting to go grey’.

That would be a crying shame.

Just look at this magic!


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Friday feeling…🤔

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2. His Love Of Animals

It seems that Pete is living proof that a dog is man’s best friend as his Instagram feed is littered with snaps of him with his pet pooch.

So cute! The dog, obviously…

We take comfort in the thought that while he may not have Megan to curl up to at night any more, at least he has his French bulldog, Eric.

And according to Pete, he actually loves dogs more than people because ‘They’re more loyal. If you treat them well, they don’t judge you.’

Sadly, Pete’s other rescue French bulldog, Ernest, died suddenly last month.

My man…🐶❤#Eric #frenchbulldog

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3. His style

He’s forged himself a modelling career since hitting the small screen and there’s no denying that Pete knows how to werk a suit!.

His sculpted physique lends a very generous helping hand in making him look impeccable in whatever he wears – or what he doesn’t wear, if we’re being totally honest.

But his love of tailored clothing and chunky knits has us really wishing we could raid his wardrobe.

And his selection of coats, how could we forget those beauties?!

Finale filming…👊🏼 #TOWIE

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You can't beat the clobber in cold weather…❄️

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4. He’s child friendly

Who thinks Pete will make a great father? We do!

His love of children seems evident from his Instagram account – posing with adorable kids and using his fame to promote children’s charities – swoon!

If he fawns over babies as much as he does dogs, we bet he does, then that’s just another reason to love him.

Imagine a baby with his eyes…

Happy birthday to my oldest nephew…proud. #AutismAwareness 👊🏼

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5. He’s a softie really

While his heavily tattooed appearance may make some people run for the hills – definitely not us – and his ‘sexting’ scandal last year didn’t do him any favours, Pete gets heartbroken just like the rest of us.

After calling it quits for good on their year-long relationship in March, Pete recently revealed that it would ‘kill’ him to see Megan with another man.

‘If I saw she was with another guy of course I’d mind,’ he said last week. ‘I would be a fool to say I wouldn’t care – of course it would bother me. It would kill me.’

See, he’s a big ol’ softie!