The wait is over! House of Cards is back – and fans online are going crazy thinking about what might happen…


For Netflix fans, there can be no more
exciting a prospect than the return of House of Cards.

With Kevin Spacey‘s character Frank
finally in the White House in the ultimate position of power, the President, there is bound to be some amazing twists and turns to come. What
will the new first lady, Claire Underwood, do now? Is Doug – who we last saw
lying in a wood, seemingly dead – actually alive?!

We’ve taken a look at some of the best -
and craziest – theories about the third series and what might happen in the 12
episode arch…

1. Meechum gets killed

Claire is seen crying in the trailer for the third series, with
Frank also upset about something that has happened. With Frank previously
saying he finds it strange that Meechum would take a bullet for him, could
someone have tried to assassinate the President but Meechum stood in the way?
Fans online think it’s a possibility…

2. Frank will organise his own assassination

In a bid to avoid being exposed by someone
close to him, fans are speculating a crazed Frank will organise his own assassination so he will always
be remembered for being a legendary president such as Lincoln or Kennedy. It
might sound far-fetched, but this IS House of Cards we’re talking about…

3. Doug is still alive

Ok, in the last series we saw Rachel hit Doug repeatedly with
a brick in the woods and we saw him lying on the floor – but that doesn’t mean
he’s ACTUALLY dead, does it? Does it?! We sure we saw an eye flicker… And if he
is still alive, what would buy his silence?

4. Claire doesn’t survive the series

Also, in the trailer Frank is seen visiting a grave by himself -
could he have committed the ultimate act of evil and murdered his own wife?
Online forums are alight with speculation she may not make it to the end.

5. Frank is going to get his comeuppance

Alright, so Frank has finally made it into
the White House, but having upset so many people – and killed a few – on the
way to get there, surely he’s going to get some comeback? Things that go up,
must come down! Perhaps Zoe‘s death might come back to haunt him? What will he do if he’s discovered?! The mind boggles.

Stephen Leng