Flame-haired singer recalls trauma of split

Florence Welch is now loved-up with boyfriend Stuart Smile, but the couple’s relationship has had its blips.

The Florence And The Machine singer found it very hard to cope without her literary editor boyfriend during a brief break-up in 2006.

‘I was quite hearbroken and really manic. I felt out of control and was very raw…quite reckless with grief,’ she recalls.

‘I didn’t care about anything. I spent a lot of time crying.’

Florence, 23, says that writing songs for her album Lungs helped give her a sense of purpose during such a difficult time.

‘When you’re in that place, it’s good to have something to do because otherwise you’d get really self-destructive,’ says Florence.

‘I was in a seriously bad way.’

Florence And The Machine are playing at the Glastonbury Festival this weekend.

Jessica Whiteley