Uh-oh, Phil!

We’re almost certain that nothing could faze the reigning king of live TV Phillip Schofield – who has forged his mega showbiz career with bags of charisma, nerve and talent…

Appearing in front of the nation on a daily basis alongside co-host Holly Willoughby, the hugely popular This Morning star is a professional at staying cool whilst under a lot of pressure.


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However, despite his glittering C.V, even Phil can suffer a little blunder every once in a while – as demonstrated during today’s edition of the hit ITV breakfast show.

Joining Holly for his regular early morning stint, the telly favourites were paid a visit by Joyce Williams – an 83-year-old sex blogger who is dedicated to ‘taking out the fear’ out of ageing.

However, Joyce’s appearance on the This Morning sofa certainly put 56-year-old Phil through his paces after Joyce called him out a statement she didn’t agree with.

Speaking with the hosts, Joyce challenged a comment made by Phil – after he suggested she was ‘young at heart’.

‘Why do you say young at heart?,’ she asked the host. ‘I’m old at heart!’

Leaving Phil looking slightly crestfallen, the best-loved TV personality attempted to salvage the miscommunication – attempting to reiterate the comment.

However, Joyce quickly cut him off – adding: ‘No, the point I’m making is to say “young at heart” is an ageist statement.’

Retracting his initial comment, Phil then added: ‘Well I take it back, so you’re old.’

Despite the hiccup, Joyce soon delivered some pearls of wisdom to This Morning viewers – candidly discussing her sex life.

‘It’s just more relaxed. You’ve had 60 years of experience, you know what you like and you know what you don’t like and don’t mind saying so.

‘What’s delightful is that you don’t care anymore about wrinkles, what you’re interested in is twinkles.’

As expected, viewers have been very quick to praise Joyce on her candid interview.

‘Go Joyce, love live enjoy. Excellent outlook on life,’ one shared.

Another added: ‘Loving the 83 year old sex blogger! She is just bursting with life! What a wonderful lady! #ThisMorning’

‘I LOVE THIS WOMAN #ThisMorning,’ posted a third.