Just look at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's son, Silas!

On Sunday night Justin Timberlake finally let the world see a picture of his adorable son, Silas. Posting the family snap on Instagram the 34-year-old singer wrote: ‘The Timberlakes are ready!!! GO GRIZZ! #GritNGrind #Playoffs #BabyGrizzROAR.’

And guess how many times it was liked? 1.1milion times! Yes, really. And we can see why.

Just look at his cute little face and smile. And just LOOK at how amazing Justin‘s wife, Jessica, looks too!

It seems she’s still got some of that pregnancy glow about her!

But while Silas clearly has some of his mum’s good looks, we think this little bundle of joy is going to take after his daddy. Here’s why:

1. He already knows how to wink

Yes, that’s clearly a wink he’s giving the camera. We think this little man is already a charmer with the ladies, much like his dad, and he’s only just over a week old!

2. We bet he can belt a tune

That little mouth is just waiting for a microphone to be put in front of it, isn’t it?

3. He’s already a Memphis Grizzlies basketball fan

Check out that shirt! We’re not sure he had much choice in the matter, his dad is a minority owner after all.

4. He already has ‘jazz-hands’ nailed

We know his dad knows how to pull some moves on the dance floor/stage/anywhere he goes and we’d like to think Silas is already showing off his jazz-hands move here!

Jessica, 33, and Justin announced the birth to Silas Randall Timberlake on 11 April, but this is the first picture we’ve seen of the little bubba.

As well as millions of likes JT‘s followers also showed the family a lot of love:
‘I’m actually crying of happiness,’ one fan wrote. While another added: ‘So very cute congratulations to u and Jessica he should bring joy to ur lives.’

Jessica sees herself as a mum of boys, so it worked out perfectly,’ a source said. ‘Justin is so excited, he doesn’t know what to do with himself!’

Let’s hope we get to see more pictures of adorable Silas.

Lydia Southern