Jessie J defied doctor's orders by performing at Wireless Festival on Sunday


Despite doctors urging her not to perform at Wireless festival on Sunday, nothing was stopping Jessie J from taking to the stage.

After being hospitalized with a mystery illness recently, the 27-year-old assured fans the evening before the show that she’d still be in attendance, writing: ‘I’m out of hospital. Still very fragile but much better. I will be at Wireless tomorrow. Not my usual crazy running around self yet but I will be there. Can’t wait.’

Although she’s yet to reveal the cause of the unknown illness, the Bang Bang singer repeatedly referenced it during her performance.

‘Please forgive me if I’m a little unsteady on my feet. The doctors told me not to come here today,’ Jessie told the crowd. ‘My brain is telling my body to do one thing – but my body is doing the complete opposite. This is my first show in one month.’

The singer first sparked concerns after posting a shock picture from her hospital bed to her 3.5 million Instagram followers two weeks ago.

Alongside the selfie, she wrote; ‘I had an operation yesterday so need to rest. I won’t be saying what for so PLEASE don’t keep asking me or harassing my close ones on here or anywhere for information. Its personal and I know you can respect that. I just wanted to explain to my fans why I may go AWOL for a minute. Love, prayers and well wishes is all I need.’

A week later the star then posted another image of her arm hooked up to several hospital drips, with the caption: ‘I am not okay… I am in a lot of pain. But I’m working on it with the doctors. We all have our moments and one of mine is now. Being human sucks when you are non stop and your body says NOPE not right now.’

Although we’re still unsure what was wrong with her, it’s good to see Jessie fighting fit and back to doing what she does best.

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