Gaga is deficient in 17 crucial vitamins


Lady Gagas teetering on the brink of a health meltdown.

And it’s easy to see why when you look into her destructive lifestyle.

The singer admits she’s following boyfriend Lüc Carl’s drunk diet’ – he claims on his website that you can shed pounds without giving up beer and burgers.

She’s also tested borderline positive for lupus – where the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body – and friends fear for her health.

Lüc’s in great shape and she thinks it’s down to his diet,’ says a concerned pal.

In reality he gets drunk every day and has terrible nutrition.

‘The problem is she thinks as long as she’s thin, she’s OK. She works out, but drinks every night and eats badly.

‘She’ll only have one meal a day and doesn’t eat enough fruit or veg.’

That may explain why she’s dangerously deficient in a whopping 17 vitamins.

Her lack of vitamin C is why she suffers from bad skin,’ adds the pal.

She rarely eats protein so she’s short of iron, which may be a reason her hair’s falling out.

‘She also thinks she can afford to go to bed with her make-up on every night because she has good genes.’

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