She’s in a bad way since daughter Frances left

Courtney Love‘s behaviour is so out of control that pals are concerned she’ll kill herself.

The 45-year-old singer’s had a troubled few months since losing custody of her daughter Frances, 17, in December, causing concern that she might’ve had a drugs relapse.

Now Courtney‘s holed up in a New York bedsit as she struggles to come to terms with estrangement from her daughter.

A source tells Now: ‘Frances told Courtney: “I want nothing to do with you,” and it’s sent her off the rails.

‘She’s in a bad way. She’s checked herself into a grubby bedsit and, despite claiming that she’s sober, she’s still hitting the booze and prescription pills and spends her days sobbing.’

There were signs that Courtney was set to self-destruct two weeks ago when she posted a nude photo of herself showing off 
new tattoos on Twitter.

Courtney‘s told friends her life isn’t worth living without Frances and that she wants to die,’ says our source.

‘She’s completely lost the plot and just sits in her hotel room, not sleeping and posting mad rants on Twitter. Everyone’s concerned that she could end up dead at this rate.’

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