Can Beyonce Knowles hold it together on tour?

With relentless claims that a divorce is imminent for Beyoncé and Jay-Z, worried friends fear the 32-year-old singer is struggling to hold it together. And she’s under so much stress, there’s even doubt as to whether she can make it through their joint On The Run tour.

A long-time family friend says: ‘Bey’s done with the humiliation. She’s been pushed to the brink. As soon as this tour’s over, she’s going to lay real low.’

Beyoncé’s famously fiercely private about her personal life and is usually able to keep a tight control on the information her fans know about her. After all, at the end of last year she was able to shock everyone by dropping a massive album of songs, complete with 17 videos, without anyone
having leaked the details.

The star seems to be desperately trying to damage-control the rumours about the state of her marriage, releasing a string of loved-up posts and pictures of her family on Instagram. But this rumour just doesn’t seem to be going away.

All eyes are currently on Bey and Jay, 44, as they perform on their global tour. But everyone’s speculating as to whether they’ll stay together when the tour ends on 13 September – if Beyoncé’s even able to make it that far.

Our source tells us: ‘She’s a true pro and there’s too much money at stake – as well as not wanting to disappoint fans – for her to bail on the tour. She really thought she could get through it, but she’s in total turmoil at the moment.

Jay-Z is said to be planning a romantic holiday before their final gig in Paris. ‘Everyone’s worried about how she’s going to make it to Paris,’ says our source.

‘She’s exhausted from the stress of going out there on stage and pretending she’s fine. She keeps telling herself that everything’s going to be fine, but it’s not easy.’

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