Could Derek Hough's 'womanising' past threaten his special relationship with Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough are never seen holding hands and barely give each other eye contact in public, leading to confusion about what their relationship really is.

But Now can reveal that behind closed doors, it’s an altogether different picture.

Cheryl‘s decided to keep the details of her and Derek‘s relationship under wraps until her divorce is finalised in the next few weeks,’ an insider tells Now.

She doesn’t think it’s appropriate or looks good for her to flaunt her relationship with Derek with any public declarations of affection when she’s still a married woman.

‘However, at their five-star Sunset Marquis hotel in LA, there’s no pretence – they’re completely themselves..’

As Cheryl, 27, gets more involved with Derek, the pair has had to face countless rumours surrounding Derek‘s sexuality.

Derek told People magazine last year: I’ve been called gay forever because I’m a dancer. I know what I like and I like women.’

And it seems his reputation with the ladies and warnings to Cheryl from his old friends and colleagues back up his comments.

Speaking exclusively to Now, San Diego-based club boss Brian Hartwell, a long-standing acquaintance of Derek’s, says: He’s always had a way with the ladies.

‘They love him.

saw him at a Hollywood club one time and he had a girl on his lap, his
arm around one girl’s waist and another girl trying to get his attention
all at the same time but he’s so smooth, they didn’t seem to mind.’

See the full story about Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough in Now magazine dated 30 August 2010 – out now!

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