Tom Daley and his fellow Olympic team perform a cheeky routine on the beach


Tom Daley has officially become Teen Now’s newest crush.

The gorgeous 17-year-old and the rest of the Team GB divers have released a hilarious video of them dancing to LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It – and it’s quickly gone viral.

In the clip the Olympic hopefuls are seen showing off their buff bods while lip-synching along to the insanely catchy tune – and we just LOVE their cheesy poses.

Tom, 17, shared news of the video with fans on Twitter earlier in the week.

‘The British divers’ version of the @LMFAO video is out very soon!!! You are all going to love it…be prepared for a lot of skin 😉‘ he wrote.

We’ll be expecting part two if the team do well at the 2012 Games this summer…

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