Chezza's house hunting in LA and has been to see a movie with dancer Derek Hough


Humiliated yet again by tabloid reports about husband Ashley, Cheryl Cole has been left wondering what the future of their relationship is.

Before jetting off to California, she was dividing her time between London’s Baglioni and May Fair hotels as she busied herself with a round of promotional duties.

And it seems Cheryl won’t be heading home to the couple’s Surrey mansion any time soon.

Now in LA, she’s been on a trip to the cinema with American dancer Derek Hough, 24, (pictured below) who features in the video for her new single Parachute.

Cheryl, 26, has also been house hunting for a base to launch her US career.

If she buys a property, there are fears it could spell the end of her marriage.

Ashley worked hard to get Cheryl to forgive him when he cheated and it’s taken literally years,’ a close friend tells us.

‘He’d finally convinced her that he’s grown up since then and she was even considering giving up her Hollywood dream to stay here and have a baby with him.

Derek Hough | Cheryl Cole vioeo dancer | Picture | Celebrity gossip‘Now they’re back to square one and a family is the last thing on her mind.

‘She was worried that they might drift apart while she’s in the US over the summer, but now some think she could use that time apart to deliberately fade out the marriage. It’s unlikely to come to that, but right now she’s fuming.

‘She’s furious at his immature behaviour. At best, he’s allowed himself to be led astray by his stupid mates.’

Despite Cheryl‘s anger, the real fear among her camp is that she won’t leave Ashley, no matter what.

In January 2008, Cheryl was shaken when single mum Aimee Walton gave a tabloid interview claiming she had sex with Ashley in December 2007.

Last week, he was accused of cheating on Cheryl on two occasions in late 2008 with a secretary.

Now 28-year-old Ann Corbitt alleges she spent the night with Ashley in Seattle in July 2009 and 29-year-old Alexandra Taylor claims she slept with him hours after he first went public about his relationship with Cheryl in 2004.

Cheryl loves him. She’s always saying that their tough upbringing means they understand each other, warts and all,’ her friend says.

‘The trust issues are a serious problem between them, but Cheryl‘s prepared to forgive Ashley as long as he never tells another woman he loves her.

‘He’s tried to convince Cheryl she’d be better off at home near friends and family rather than heading to LA, but she’s more inclined to listen to Simon Cowell‘s advice now.

‘Ashley‘s always acted like his career is more important than hers. She knows deep down that she couldn’t take him to the US as part of Brand Cole; it wouldn’t work. She has to just focus on herself from now on.’

Cheryl‘s spokesman says: ‘She was at the Baglioni for international promotion during the day. We have no further comment to make.’

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