Gabby Allen has revealed that she is considering a boob job.

gabby allen body confidence considering boob job

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The former Love Island star has opened up on body confidence, admitting the tweaks that she would like to make to her own body.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Gabby revealed that she received ongoing negative comments about her physique, leading her to consider plastic surgery.

“People hide behind their computers,” she said. “Instagram has given a voice to people who aren’t very nice.

“I’ve seen a comment on pictures of in a bikini and they’ve said, ‘She’s got a belly like an old man. She’s got no waist, no hips.’ That’s what upsets me.”

The reality star revealed that she would consider getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), which involves a transfer of fat to make your behind look fuller and perkier, or even a boob job.

“People say stuff about things you can’t change, unless you get surgery. If I were to get surgery, like BBL, then people would be p**sed off about that. You can’t win.”

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The star went on to admit that she has a “complex” about the size of her chest, revealing that she would like to have a bigger bust.

“It’s still an ongoing thing for me,” she said. “I was thinking at the time, I’m flat chested compared to everyone in there, and I do have a complex about it.

“It’s not about anybody else. It’s about my own confidence. I’m still considering getting them done. The only reason is that I don’t want to be flat out for a couple of weeks!

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“But for my career and what I want to promote, if I want a bigger bum, I just need to go to the gym and squat. If I want to change my body that bad, I can do it through training.”

However, she revealed that even though she has considered making a change, she has had second thoughts as her family have held her back.

“My family are very strict,” she said. “But my brother is always like – don’t do that, don’t ruin your looks. I trust them.”