Fans wrongly identified actress Gage Golightly as the girl in Zayn Malik's latest Instagram posted and sent online abuse to the Teen Wolf star

American actress Gage Golightly has been forced to deny she is the mystery woman pictured with Zane Malik after receiving a barrage of online abuse.

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Zane posted a picture of him snuggling up to a beautiful blonde on his Instagram account at the weekend, and the internet basically went into meltdown.

Having pointed out that the girl in the picture was a dead ringer for the former One Direction star’s ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards, the star’s super fans donned their detective hats and set about discovering the identity of the mystery woman.

Quickly, the majority of commenters on the picture decided that the girl in question was Gage, an actress on US TV show Teen Wolf who is based in LA – coincidently where Zayn is currently based whilst he works on his solo career.

And some fans soon made their upset over Zayn and Gage’s alleged relationship known, flooding both stars’ Instagram accounts with hateful comments.

‘B*tch’ was a popular insult thrown Gage’s way, with one user posting: ‘I hate you b*tch.’

‘Don’t touch Zayn,’ warned another fan, whilst yet another wrote: ‘WHY ARE YOU WITH ZAYN?’ followed by a few GUN emojis. Charming.

No doubt overwhelmed by the insane level of activity on her account, 22-year-old Gage decided to clear up the rumours once and for all by issuing a denial that it was her in the picture.

Posting on her Instagram account, Gage wrote: ‘Hi everyone, just wanted to clarify that I am not the girl in the photo with Zayn Malik. But what a lucky girl! Love y’all – Gage.’

What sweetness in the face of such rage!

And many of Zayn’s fans were quick to apologise for their collective group’s behaviour.

One wrote: ‘I’m sorry for all the stuff you went through about the Zayn this this fandom is very protective *crazy*’

Another added: ‘SORRY OMG. I understand we said so many hurtful things to you and I sincerely apologize.’

So if not Gage, just who IS the woman in the Instagram post? Hopefully Zayn will make her identity known soon so we can all deal with it and stop all the hate.

Stephanie Wood