The presenter has run into some tough times


There’s never a particularly good time to receive bad news, but during the first month of the year must be especially disappointing.

Unfortunately for Gail Porter, this is an uncomfortable hurdle that she’ll have to conquer, as it is revealed that she has been declared bankrupt by London’s High Court of Justice.

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The former TV presenter and mum-of-0ne was declared bankrupt earlier this week after amassing large debts that she was unable to pay off.

‘It’s been a really rough few years for Gail and this is another devastating blow,’ a friend of Gail’s admits to the Daily Mail.

‘She did everything she could to stop this from happening, but in the end the debt became too large and she simply could not cope. It was proving horrifically stressful and has caused her several sleepless nights.’

However, ex The Gadget Show host Gail is hoping to turn this negative into a positive, by using this as an opportunity to start over:

‘Gail is determined to make the best of a bad situation though, and start afresh.’

Gail in September 2015 (Photo by Mark Large/ANL/REX/Shutterstock)

Gail, 45, has suffered a series of knockbacks over the past decade or so, notably beginning with her diagnosis of alopecia in 2005. As the condition caused her to lose her body hair, her work as a commercial model began to slow down. However, her decision to use her condition as an opportunity to raise awareness by refusing to wear a wig, she was widely praised.

However, she then revealed that she was also dealing with bipolar disorder, and in 2011 was detained under the Mental Health Act of 2007 after having thoughts of suicide.

We wish the best for Gail, and hope that 2017 can be turned around into something more positive for her.