The 35-year-old TV presenter answers your email questions

Who’s your hero?
Justine Fretwell, Glamorgan
My boyfriend James. He helps me through everything, he’s a nice bloke and a great laugh. We’ve been together for two years and he loves Honey to bits. Her daddy, Dan, only lives around the corner, so it’s perfect.

Would you like more children?
Emily Lamont, Southport
No, one is fine. I’ve been doing a lot of work for children’s charities like Barnardos and I’ve been thinking about fostering in the future. I’d do it in this country, though. I think people seem to pop off too quickly to get babies from other countries. Don’t even get me started on Madonna!

Who’s your oldest friend?
Leanne Herridge, Derry
My brother Keith, he’s my best friend. We went to Uganda last week for a charity and we had an absolute ball. I’d forgotten how well we get on and it was really emotional.

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