Presenter has eyelashes and eyebrows too


Gail Porter discovered a rogue hair growing on her ear.

The TV presenter developed alopecia three years ago and lost her hair and eyelashes.

But just recently its started to grow back.

I only had five eyelashes three weeks ago, but now Ive got full sets, she says. I have eyebrows now, as well.

‘But I know they could all just fall out again tomorrow.

‘A few weeks ago I had one hair growing on the top of my ear! Its crazy.

But her six-year-old daughter Honey, who she had with ex Dan Hipgrave, doesnt want her to have hair.

Shes adamant she doesnt want it growing back, says Gail, 37. She cries if she thinks it is.

‘She loves it when babies laugh at me, and she tells people to rub my head and make a wish.

‘She gets genuinely upset if she sees hair on the back of my head.

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Alison Adey