The TV presenter identifies her 'type'


Gail Porter isn’t bothered that her relationship with cameraman James Lloyd is a bit on and and off.

Following her split with husband Dan Hipgrave, the TV presenter says she’s perfectly content on her own.

‘He comes and he goes,’ she says cheerily. ‘Right now I’m happy it being just me, my daughter Honey [5] and the dog, That’s more than enough, it’s our little posse and I love it.

At 37, Gail – who lost her hair 2 years ago due to stress-related alopecia – doesn’t want to start dating again, and she’s definitely not interested in marrying.

‘I’m a bit knackered to go and find someone else,’ she tells Celebs On Sunday. ‘And I’d have to find someone with a bald fetish.

‘I always said I’d never get married, and when I did, I f**ked it up spectacularly. Nah, I’m pretty happy as I am.’


Lauren Parr