Gail Porter didn't mince her words when she talked about how she really felt on Celebrity Big Brother

It’s no secret that Gail Porter found being in the Celebrity Big Brother house hard to cope with at times. She was often seen crying on camera when arguments kicked off between the other housemates – and now she’s revealed that the atmosphere in the house felt like the gruesome novel, Lord Of The Flies.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Gail said the experience was ‘hellish’ and added: ‘[It was] the worst thing ever. And I should know, I’ve been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.’

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Gail was admitted to the Royal Free Hospital in 2011 after suffering a breakdown, and admitted that she had doubts when she was first asked to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

‘When they first suggested it I thought: “No, yes, should I?”‘ she explained. ‘But then I thought, it’s only three weeks. In the end though, those weeks were like dog years. I didn’t know what day it was.’

Despite struggling with some aspects of being on CBB, Gail dealt with the situation with her humour. She told the Mail that she found it funny when the eventual winner James Hill asked if her alopecia was contagious: ‘I touched him on the knee and said: “Yes, you’ve got it now”.’

In an interview after she left the Big Brother house, Gail said she hoped the nation would see she was a stronger person than they may have thought, and that she wouldn’t rule out appearing on another reality show, saying: ‘If Bear Grylls asked me to do survival, I would!’

Good on Gail for dealing with it all with a smile on her face – even if her experience on CBB sounds rather hellish!