The man we all know and love as Jon Snow has shaved off his beard...

Sometimes, a brand new look can be the making of a star – like when Taylor Swift discovered hair straighteners, or when Posh Spice unveiled her sassy short cut at the 1998 BRIT Awards.

But it seems as though the opposite is true for poor old Kit Harington.

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The actor, who is known and loved for the bearded look he sports as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, recently revealed a new UNSHAVEN look – leaving fans recoiling in horror.

The star is currently appearing in Doctor Faustus at London’s Duke of York’s Theatre, where he debuted his fuzz-free face as he posed for pictures with fans at the stage door following a performance earlier this week.

Pictures of the occasion quickly circulated on Twitter, with Kit’s beardlessness becoming the main topic of conversation, with many fans mourning the loss of his facial hair.

Like Samson and his strength, one lamented Kit’s loss of hotness: ‘I am suddenly much less attracted to him and it hurts me.’

‘Kit Harington without a beard looks like he needs to grow a beard,’ another commented.

‘Oh god no how could he do this to us?’ another asked, whilst a third said: ‘I can’t deal with the shaved face it’s not the same.’

Others tried to work out what his new look reminded them of…

‘Yikes he looks like the lead singer of an emo band now,’ one wrote.

Others likened him to that scary dude from 1994 film The Crow, with one writing: ‘Looking like he about to film The Crow 2.’

And they weren’t the only ones to express their upset…

Meanwhile, Kit recently apologised to GoT fans for – SPOILER ALERT! – making them think that Jon Snow was dead when he was actually alive.

We think his next apology may have to do with his use of a razor…

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