Swimsuit model Rosie Mac says despite being engaged twice, she’s intent on keeping her virginity until she’s married…

The body double for Emilia Clarke‘s Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen has no plans to lose her virginity until she is a married woman.

British model Rosie Mac, 18, who has been engaged twice, has revealed the reason behind her decision to not bed anyone before she has walked down the aisle is ‘high morals’.

‘I’ve got very high morals. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband,’ she explained.

The sexy actress added: ‘I’ve been engaged twice, I was with my first boyfriend for three years, but we broke up very suddenly, so I was so glad I’d kept with it.’

And her beliefs are that strong that she’s used it as a tagline on her Instagram account, describing herself as: ‘Actress Model Dancer Official Daenerys double #GameOfThrones Virgin until marriage (sic).’

Rosie further revealed that men try their best to change her mind about her virginity and send her X-Rated pictures of themselves, but she lets it go over her head.

Rosie, a swimsuit model, said: ‘On my Instagram I’ve written ‘virgin till married’ which I am, so I get a lot of guys saying, ‘I bet I could”

Despite posting provocative pictures of herself, Cornwall-born Rosie said she’s hoping to inspire young girls to understand you don’t have to “use your body in that way” to become famous. She explains that her body is a temple and she doesn’t like staying up past 11.30pm.

Meanwhile, the star, who has played Emilia’s body double for season five of the HBO hit, told Paste magazine she didn’t go to the audition for the role because she thought she didn’t have a chance.

‘I didn’t actually go to the audition because I had another modeling job that day. To be honest, I kind of thought, “Why would they choose me anyway?”

‘That same day I posted a selfie on Twitter, and I was wearing long, blonde hair. A while later I was asked by one the agencies I am signed with to send in my body measurements, but they didn’t tell me what for.’

The show’s production team had seen her picture and were convinced she was exactly what they were looking for.

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