Frontman has resolved differences with singer


Gary Barlow predicts Robbie Williams will rejoin Take That in the future.

The Angels singer quit the group in 1995, and has been living in LA.

But this week, Robbie, 34, revealed he’s missing the boys and has even been tattooed with their logo.

Gary, 37, insists he and bandmates Mark Owen, 36, Jason Orange, 38, and Howard Donald, 40, would welcome him back with open arms.  

‘We have been having great fun with Robbie over the last few months and we’ve been talking a lot,’ he tells The Sun.

‘He has sorted himself out and is in a really good place at the moment.

‘Robbie will not be coming on tour with us next year because he’s got his own things to do.

‘But we are not ruling out getting together with him beyond that.’

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