Geordie Shore’s Marnie doesn’t hold back about the man who broke Charlotte Crosby’s heart

It’s the relationship that’s had everyone talking: Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle, the on-off lovers whose relationship has come to a final, screeching halt. Who better to talk about it with than Marnie Simpson, their mutual best friend?

Charlotte, 26, claims she was left abandoned and heartbroken by Gaz following an ectopic pregnancy, alleging he’d cheated on her while filming Ex On The Beach. Gaz, 28, argues Charlotte told him they weren’t in a relationship and was left ‘devastated’ they’d lost their unborn child.

Then Charlotte, a veteran of MTV’s Geordie Shore, quit the show, saying: ‘I’m willing to sacrifice that part of my career in order to be well away from a liar and a cheat.’ In short: it’s very messy. So who better to piece together the puzzle than their mutual best friend, Marnie Simpson? Now caught up with the 24-year-old the day before she went back into the Geordie Shore house.


It’s been quite a week for Geordie Shore…

Marnie: It’s going to be super-awkward now Charlotte won’t be there. I don’t think any of the girls will speak to Gary. I’m not speaking to Aaron [Chalmers, Marnie’s ex-boyfriend] either after he cheated on me. At the minute, I can’t imagine the show being without Charlotte after all these years. I think she made this decision in anger and I think she’ll regret it. I hope she’ll change her mind and come back. The house will feel lost without her – she always gave us so much support and advice. The thought of Charlotte not being in the mix actually really scares me. Sometimes  you forget your morals and it can change your perception of what you think is the right decision. She’s like an older sister to me now.

Will Charlotte and Gary ever come through this?

It’s sad but it’s good riddance to Gary. I think he’d just carry on hurting Charlotte in other ways. It’s going to take a long time for them to be civil. I don’t think Gary has any remorse about any of it. If he had any remorse he would have apologised, but he hasn’t. They still haven’t spoken. Gary wasn’t the man Charlotte wanted him to be, but I don’t think Gary has the capability of loving. In the future, if he does get married and his wife tells him that she’s pregnant, that emotion of love and happiness that most people would feel… I don’t think he would feel it. How can he be like that? You know, he just doesn’t have it in him.

Gary said he wanted to be a dad…

I don’t believe a word that Gary says – I think he’s very manipulative. I know him; I’ve lived with him. Gary’s never said he wanted to be a dad. I’ve not heard him talk about that. I think he needs to be in a relationship and stay faithful first. I don’t know what he was thinking when he was
in Thailand and he decided not to fly home – he should have done that. What’s more important, Charlotte or being on Ex On The Beach with loads of exes that he’s already banged? I don’t understand it because Gaz doesn’t need to do that show. He’s got money. You’d think being in a relationship with a gorgeous girl who’d do anything for him would have come first. I’ve spoken to my lad mates and even they say they can’t fathom why the show is so important to him when he’s got everything he needs.


Could this be the end of Geordie Shore?

I hope not. We’re all still excited about doing it. I think we’re going to be going away, so that’ll be great because I can get some sun and a nice tan. It’ll be nice to get away from England. Despite everything that’s happened I’m still going to have fun with Chloe, Holly and Chantelle. I’m just devastated that Charlotte’s not going to be there – it’s going to be sad without her being there with us. Right now, it’s weird in the house because we’re going off the rails on the outside, so God knows what’s going to happen when they put us together in that house.

Talking of the outside world – what about Scotty T’s arrest for gun possession?

What’s going on with us Geordies?! We’re falling off the wagon. I have no idea why he did that. Scott’s messed up. And Chloe [Ferry] has been banned from surgery? I don’t know if that’s really what MTV has said, but if it’s true, I think it’s a good idea because she needs to stop, otherwise she’ll end up looking stupid.

You and Jasmine Lennard had a showdown last week…

I hate that woman. She’s totally nuts and has got issues. She gained 5,000 followers off us… I’m not going to fight her any more. She was still tweeting yesterday, trying to get a reaction out of me, probably just trying to get more followers out of us. When she called me fat I thought it was hilarious. I’m a size 8 and the average size in the UK is a 14-16. For the record, I’m totally happy with my body and I feel fantastic.

Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea doesn’t seem keen on you at the moment either…

I don’t think I’d give her the time of day if I saw her. I don’t know where she was coming from when she said: ‘Shame you had to go and insult my body to make yourself feel better.’ That wasn’t me being nasty. I was stating a fact – Lucy is really thin. I wasn’t saying it in a
nasty way. I’ve always said Lucy Watson is beautiful. In my opinion she looks like a skeleton because she’s really thin.

How are you keeping in shape?

I found out last year that I’m intolerant to gluten, wheat, yeast and cow’s milk so I’m avoiding those and it’s made a huge difference to my body and how I feel. I’m only drinking vodka and soda now and I’ll do that in the house too so I don’t bloat. I’m working out loads too. I’ve found working out for a shorter amount of time works for me because I end up feeling so good afterwards and don’t dread exercise.

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