Charlotte Church's ex Gavin Henson has a big smile on his face

Peter Andre told us that he’d love to have Gavin Henson‘s fit bod, but the rugby player finds that hard to believe.

‘No way, I can’t believe that,’ says Gav, 29, when we pass on the compliment.

‘I’d love Peter Andre‘s body. That guy inspired me when I was a kid.

‘I think I was about 14 when Mysterious Girl came out – he’s a hero of mine.

I had the chance to meet him on Strictly Come Dancing. 
I said hello – that was all I could muster.

‘I was totally blown away, in shock and in awe of the guy. Afterwards I was gutted that I could only get one word out.

‘I can’t believe he wants my body – it’s turned full circle. I’m well happy.

‘You’ve made my day, ta very much!’

Read the full interview with Gavin Henson in Now magazine dated 15 August 2011 – out now!

Now cover 15 August 2011

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