Everyone's a bit gutted, really.

It was Botanical week.

You were scared, we were scared. Even Mary Berry looked a little tactile. Who would get the dreaded chop?!

Sadly, it was lovely Rav Bansal. And we’re gutted because…

Yup, exactly that.

Rav had whipped a Showstopper which unfortunately failed to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, sending the 28-year-old heading for the (tent) door- taking all things coconut and lime in tow.

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And, surprise surprise, people aren’t happy. At all.

In fact, Rav’s departure was met by multiple messages of disdain from the GBBO Twitter team. Fans have shared comments such as ‘Can’t believe they sent Rav home’  and ‘First Val now Rav, nah this isn’t fair’. We feel ‘ya, folk of Twitter.

Rav himself has taken to Twitter to share a message for his fans, writing ‘Thank you all for the #gbbo love!’.

However, it’s the tributes made by the Bake Off contestants themselves which have really brought a lil’ tear to our weary eyes.

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Val, who left fans equally as devastated when she was forced to hit the highway, has shared ‘Rav brought some wonderful baking to the tent well done Rav’– a message which the ‘fella replied to with ‘Love you Val. Thanks‘. Yup ALL the feelz.

Benjamina has also taken to Twitter to share a message to Rav, writing ‘Big love to the amazing @RavSBansal Fabulous baker and friend!’.

Selasi has shared a snap of himself with Rav, which he has captioned ‘What a dude! @RavSBansal awesome baker and a true master with flavours! Great seeing you again lastnight!

Candice has also shared a message, writing ‘@RavSBansal a gentleman in and out of the tent! Actual pleasure and that smile’.

Final thoughts?

Come round and cook us something coconut and lime based any time, Rav.

Alice Perry