Warning: cute couple alert!

Perhaps the most devastating news in this year’s Great British Bake Off – outside of Val being kicked off the competition, absolutely devastated – was the revelation that Selasi has a girlfriend!

When he said that two syllable word, a thousand hearts cried out and were suddenly silence. Twitter went into mourning. Who was this woman who could hurt so many hearts?

Well, she’s called Joelle Rainford and she’s been dating Selasi for almost three years. And she seems absolutely delightful!

Did you expect Selasi to be with anyone less than delightful?



Joelle lives with the baker in London and currently works as a property developer.


She’s been fighting in the nation’s favourite baker the entire series and has even made friends with the other bakers! Including Benjamina Ebuehi, who everyone suspected Selasi was majorly flirting with. The actual explanation is that no one could actually handle the amount of smooth that comes from Selasi.

And in fact, he refers to his GBBO competitor as his ‘sister from another country’. In a lengthy tribute to Benjamina, he wrote: ‘Aww sister from another country, I’d say mother but I already have a sister…

‘Anyway, keep on baking missy. You are a good egg and if I do say so myself, you are a pretty awesomely talented baker. Definitely learnt a few tricks from you in that legendary tent.

‘Amazing time spent and definitely see you soon!’



Joelle also mates with Rav, one of the nicest people on the entire planet. So unbreak that heart, folks, they are a great couple worthy of the Great British Bake Off.