The actress likes to take risks

Gemma Arterton admits she’s drawn to powerful men.

The pretty actress, who split from Italian husband Stefano Catelli last year, can understand why shrewd male characters are so popular with film-makers and viewers alike.

‘It’s the control and cool that they have,’ says Gemma, 28.

‘I speak for myself; there’s something sexy about a guy that’s in control.

‘I’m not attracted to the Gordon Gekko character that we like to watch. They’re Machiavellian – they’re fun to play and people enjoy them and watch them.

‘There’s something just wrong; it’s like they’re the devil. But you are captivated by these characters. And I guess that’s why they resonate in the end.’

Gemma always plays it safe with money, though.

‘I am a risk-taker and that’s why I don’t gamble – because I know I would be totally bankrupt,’ the St Trinian’s star tells TV Extra.

‘I like to procrastinate – but I am quite impulsive in other ways. It’s good to be impulsive sometimes. It’s fun.’

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