Hollyoaks babe's campaign to halt late-night fires is a big success

Hot snack firm Rustlers are keen to hire Gemma Atkinson again following the success of their Eat Late, Eat Safe campaign.

The Hollyoaks star promoted Rustlers microwavable snacks in a bid to cut the amount of kitchen fires across the country caused by people trying to cook themselves some grub when they’re pie-eyed.

The adverts featured Gemma posing against a fireman’s pole and enouraging people to: ‘Eat late, eat safe!’

‘In my home city of Manchester alone last year hundreds of people were hurt in the kitchen while cooking,’ explains the actress, 22.  

‘We really want people to think twice about sticking on the grill or the oven when they get in after a night out and really learn to Eat Late, Eat Safe and use a microwave instead.’

Here’s a tip of our own – don’t cook in your underwear, even if you are just nuking your food. You’ve still got to get it from the plate into your mouth – not easy after a night on the lash.


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